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The Natural World

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Artist: Paul Haritgan
Year: 2015
Material:  Neon, acrylic and wood.
Dimensions:  395mm X 350mm X 350mm


Paul Hartigan is the master of hand made neon glass sculpture. In this particular piece he effortlessly combines ruby red, vermillion and bromo blue soda glass together, creating a naturally fluid abstract form. Paul Hartigan is one of new Zealand's leading multi disciplinary contemporary artists. His works are in numerous major collections, both public and private.Hartigan is a painter and a neon artist, whose work forms a big part of the New Zealand DNA. His work has always had a humanist element, tapping into the national psyche in unexpected ways.

The Natural World by Hartigan is a sublime exploration into time and space, using light as an ethereal, transient material which takes on and becomes part of its environment. The work is titled, signed and dated underneath base, it is also titled and date stamped into the wood on back face of base where the cord exits.

The work is proficient and elegant as well as efficient consuming minuscule power,. They will also outlive us all being just electrified gas in a tube - the electrons stimulated by electricity produce light - it's a completely organic medium. Now 100 years old the neon tube was a french invention by Georges Claude, a scientist and entrepreneur. And the 'Noble Gases' were only discovered at the end of the Periodic Table in 1895, and quite by accident. These rare gases are extracted from the air we breath by a process called fractional distillation, then put into a Pyrex vessel, which is how it's acquired from the US. When we see a red sky at days end that is visible NEON gas creating our atmospheric sunsets.


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